There Can Only Be One Netflix Junkie (So Don't Make Me Decapitate Anyone)

DISCLAIMER: I am not going to murder anyone. Sorry to spoil it for you. But I really liked that headline and I didn't want to change it. I also realized this is a paid position and there are probably HR rules like "don't plagiarize," and "only decapitate comment trolls, not fellow writers," so I felt like playing it… »11/19/13 7:41am11/19/13 7:41am

Dez Bryant Has Grown Up, No Word On Brian Billick

If you don't know already, released the audio of Dez Byant's Sunday "rant" during a last-minute loss to the Detroit Lions. But I'm not sure what to call it, since the closest Bryant ever came to ranting was him telling Tony Romo that the Cowboys were "the best in the NFL" before going over routes and… »10/29/13 7:15am10/29/13 7:15am

Drinking Game Founder Seems Way Into His Own Game, Still Seems Pretty Cool

So John Hahn wants you to help raise 15 Gs for his brand new drinking game, titled Get QRunk. Lil Jon copyright infringements aside, the game's premise seems quite intriguing for the 20-something alcoholic (read: frat boyzzz). It's like the drinking-game-trivia version of Cards Against Humanity, which rose to fame »7/01/13 5:35pm7/01/13 5:35pm