This all happened because the Diamondbacks are as snakelike as their namesake. Don't forget these pricks sparked the biggest brawl of the last ten years against the Dodgers when Ian Kennedy had the nerve to go to Chavez and plunk Puig (on his nose!) AND attempted to hit Greinke in the head in the same game. » 8/03/14 2:02pm 8/03/14 2:02pm

It's pretty crazy because Diego Costa is the type of striker that Spain hasn't had in decades. He's in top form and he's capable of finally finishing the golden chances Fernando Torres has been pissing away for the better part of a decade. On top of that they're still the best in the world at playing possession-type‚Ķ » 6/03/14 5:41pm 6/03/14 5:41pm